How to succeed in buying Sarasota real estate

How to succeed in buying Sarasota real estate

Posted By Bruce Myer,

Homebuyers navigating a historically hot Sarasota housing market rife with bidding wars and skyrocketing prices is stressful. But there are still plenty of opportunities — if you’re prepared.

Most buyer disappointment and fatigue happens when buyers jump into the process before having a clear understanding of not only the market, but also the dynamics at play. Being an experienced agent, I can educate and guide a buyer through their choices, which helps avoid fatigue. My knowledge of the local communities – bayside vs. beachside; downtown vs. island; specific community amenities, etc. , is very valuable information and will save a lot of misdirected energy.

Taking the time to have a discussion about absolute must-haves and flexible nice-to-haves allows me to pinpoint the listings a buyer would like to view and to be ready as soon as a new listing becomes available.  

Most important, buyers must be ready to make a strong offer. When you find that ideal property and you’re ready to make an offer, I can suggest a purchase price. However, in a multiple offer situation the price may continue to be negotiated.

The best advice I can give to a buyer in this hot market is, if you find that ideal property, go to the maximum dollar amount of your comfort zone – and if your offer is not accepted, you gave it your best shot. Additionally, I will advise on the details of the contract and what makes the most compelling purchase offer.

If you’re ready to learn more about beginning the process, navigating a seller’s market and beating out the competition, please call me. I understand how stressful this market can be, but this is what I do every day - finding homes, crafting attractive offers, negotiating and finalizing the contract. When you work with me, I will put all of my resources to work for you. You can feel at ease that you will find a home you love sooner rather than later, and that home can become yours with the right strategies in place – call me, Bruce Myer, 941-376-5311.

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