It's Better to Buy Than Rent on Longboat Key Florida

Many people rent homes and condominiums on Longboat Key but eventually come to the conclusion it’s better to buy. This is because the purchase of real estate on Longboat Key is a better value. In addition to rents being close to what you might pay for a mortgage, you get the build-up of equity in owning your own home. Especially in the Longboat Key area. Rentals ten years ago were very popular, now homeownership is leading the way because of the home price increases.

Longboat Key Florida Real Estate

The sale price of Longboat Key properties is up in 2019 as compared to early 2018. The average selling price of a home in February of 2019 in Longboat Key was  $840,000, compared with January 2018’s average price of $805,000. This is an incredible increase!

Longboat Key Florida has an excellent reputation of offering various amenities to suit everyone’s desires. From the beautiful beaches and golf courses to the dining and shopping, Longboat Key has it all. These are just some of the many reasons people from all over come to Longboat Key.

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