Is Your Residence Photo Shoot Ready?

photographer taking a pic

Have you ever seen a magazine spread of a residence and thought, is this place even real?  That’s what we want to achieve with every property residence photo shoot. Photos so good that when we list your residence the only thing buyers will be left asking is, “Where are my car keys?”

This past year, 51% of buyers purchased a home they found online. According to one study done by VHT Studios, the nation’s largest real estate photography network for homes and businesses, top-notch photos can make your residence sell 32% faster than a house with low quality or average pictures. 

Because we believe in the importance of an outstanding visual presentation, we use the top residential photographers available.  So that we can give our full attention to the photographer and set-up the most desirable shots to make the best presentation of your residence, we prefer that you allow us private access to your home.  Since your photographer/videographer is an artist, you will get significantly more out of their services if your house is vacant and entirely ready when they arrive. 

Preparing your residence prior to the photoshoot starts with a basic declutter.  Start with the kitchen and take everything off the counters. That includes your toaster, microwave, blender—any kitchen appliances, utensils, paper towel holders, etc. need to find another home. Remove all magnets, calendars, and personal items from the refrigerator. It will not only make your home appear tidier, but it also keeps your personal information safe from the public. After completing your work in the kitchen, tackle the living room. Remove anything besides furniture and table lamps, clear entryway, and hide pet beds.

One tip that we have learned is that bold pattern throws, look great in person but do not photograph well. Now, do the same for every other room. Take away everything besides large pieces of furniture and light fixtures. That means all toiletries in the bathroom need to find a different home. Floor mats and runners are great at protecting your floors, but they can make the overall floor space look smaller, making the room look smaller. We recommend getting rid of as many floor mats as possible.

Make sure all of your lights are working inside, and also open your blinds and curtains to let the light in for the photo shoot, and turn off ceiling fans. Remove all cars from the driveway.

Most photographers work around the weather because it has such a substantial impact on the final marketing materials. It’s impossible to show off your lovely view, fly drones and get footage if it’s raining or too windy. Be prepared to have to reschedule your photo shoot if the weather takes a turn for the worst. If a professional photographer determines he/she should wait, trust them that it’s for the best.

With the increase of buyers searching online, and visual tools becoming more important it is critical to utilize the most advanced  methods available to participate in a game-changing market and stand out from the rest.  We stay on top of the latest trends and constantly look for innovative marketing techniques to help sell our client’s home quickly, including Zillow Walk-through videos, professional interactive tours that allows you to turn the space into an immersive experience, and 3D Virtual Tours to let a buyer explore your home no matter their location.  

Our objective is to always present your residence at its most desirable. This is where you truly reap the reward for investing in a good marketing plan.   If you would like to know more about our approach, please get in touch.