Myer Puts a Bow tie on Epic Career

bruce and chase myer

Longboat Key market leader Bruce Myer and his son join family, fun and hard work.

“It is a double win. Not only is Chase a natural, I get to work with my son every day,” says Bruce. “There is a synergy we both enjoy.”


The birth of children arrives with the birth of dreams.

We dream for our children to go further. We want them to have their own identities and be strong and passionate and happy. If we are truly fortunate — and this is increasingly scarce in today’s world— we get to have them in our lives in a meaningful and ongoing way as parents.

For Bruce Myer, one of the most recognizable, if not the most recognizable name in real estate on Longboat Key, the fact that his 28-year-old son Chase has found a similar passion for real estate is like closing his eyes while swinging a golf club and hitting a hole in one.

“I always knew Chase was a people person and gets along with everybody and is extremely detailed oriented but I did not expect to have such a wonderful working relationship and I couldn’t be more overjoyed,” reflects Bruce.


All in the Family

Chase is no newcomer to the business of real estate. After all, he grew up alongside his older brothers, Parker and Blake, each three years apart in age watching their father day after day year after year build an eminently successful real estate business. All three have secured a real estate license at one time or another. But it is Chase who has circled back to Longboat Key after several years working in the fashion retail industry and has joined forces with his father.

Bruce is nothing short of a gold standard for real estate success on the island. And while every realtor seeks to find a statistic to brag about, Bruce has a truly pinnacle achievement — he has sold more real estate on Longboat key than any other individual — period.

But anyone who knows Bruce Myer knows one thing: his life is a wheel that spins around the hub of real estate, tennis, and golf, and most importantly — the relationships he has developed over more than four decades.

In fact, he still plays tennis with pro John Woods, who hired Bruce in 1979 to sweep tennis courts at the Longboat Key Club.

But the relationships he cherishes most. The driver much of Bruce’s meaning in life — are his three boys — whom he helped raise as a single father.

Bruce would tell friends over the past years that his boys had found success in Denver, Portland, New Haven and in cities far from Sarasota. Like most parents, his connection turned to phone calls and holiday vacation plans. So when Chase relocated to Sarasota to join his father’s real estate practice, an exciting new chapter began… Read The Whole Article >>

myer puts bow tie on epic career

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