The Return of International Buyers – the Next Wave?

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The past year has shown us that Longboat Key real estate is a timeless investment. That it can endure and even thrive in challenging economic conditions. Now that nations around the world are emerging from lockdown,  many are considering international travel and investment for the first time in over a year. International buyers are anxious to return, and looking for holiday destinations that offer the ability to live in exclusive communities. Plentiful amenities are definitely on their list – this could create a second boom of luxury home buyers on Longboat Key.

The Longboat Key real estate market may now be reaching a level so wild that many potential buyers could decide to take a breath. Prices headed to the moon and listings blinking in and out of existence like quantum particles. Nobody seems to know exactly when this is going to stop.  However, although Americans may face some sticker shock when they see property prices,  that’s nothing compared to their foreign counterparts.  Average home selling prices have hit eye-watering levels in 2021 in some countries already. 

Getting in front of this wave of buyers who are willing to pay a premium for your property is critical. My Coldwell Banker Global Luxury toolbox is going to be put to its full use.  Purchasers of luxury homes can now easily come from anywhere around the world. The internet has unequivocally transformed the luxury real estate market into a global entity.  On the flip side, in order to exceed the purchase constraints of a local real estate market, luxury home sellers need to reach external purchasers and international buyers that can see the intrinsic value of a premium-priced luxury residence.

This is where the Coldwell Banker brand power is so important. To showcase exceptional properties and reach affluent buyers around the world in dozens of languages.  We have partner property specialists around the globe. I come armed with a complete suite of tools designed to share the beauty of your home. As a result, I am able to connect with an affluent audience at all times, no matter where they happen to be in the world.  In today’s digitally centric society, the new modern truism of “Global is the New Local for Luxury Real Estate Marketing” is rapidly becoming clearly defined in our connected world.

It’s not clear at all to me that things are going to slow down significantly in the near future.  Hiring a listing agent with access to reach and experience working with international buyers is imperative. It will allow you to take full advantage of the next wave of premium buyers.  No matter who you choose to hire to represent the sale of your residence, they will have to be competitive in a rapidly changing industry.   You can hire an agent who has a track record of success. But does he or she know what directions the industry is headed?  Understanding housing market fundamentals empowers both buyers and sellers to make smarter decisions about buying or selling a home. – and that’s really what it’s all about.