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Bruce Myer and the art of success

To be truly successful one has to have focus, one has to have dedication and perhaps more than anything, one has to put in the time necessary to know every part of one's craft or business. That is exactly what Bruce Myer has done for 40 years in carving out one of the most successful real estate careers in the region and just as importantly, decades of close friendships and business relationships.

First steps…

It all starts every day at 5:30 a.m. It may be too early to make calls, but Bruce spends an hour with coffee at his home office going over contract details that must be accomplished, returning emails and texts to buyers and sellers and scripting the all-important to do list of priorities that will shape the day. Next, Bruce can be seen turning left out of the entrance of Bird Key, where he lives, toward Saint Armands Circle where he picks up a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Madison Avenue Deli making it to his Longboat Key office by 7:30 — before the doors open and before most anyone else has arrived.

He looks over the ‘hot sheet’ showing what new properties have come on the market in the last 24 hours that may be of interest to his clients and starts making calls. Soon, his assistant arrives by 8 a.m. and his workday is now in full force. And in between this tapestry of customers and negotiations, between listings and closings and offers and all the details that must be met to make more than $50 million in annual sales happen, Bruce will weave in a round of golf at the Key Club or a set or two of tennis or at the very least lunch at the Dry Dock.

Patterns of Success

If you really know Bruce you realize that he loves the Dry Dock restaurant on the south end of the Key. It's surprising they do not have a table dedicated to him since he has had lunch there almost religiously for the past 20-odd years. In fact, he’s memorized the menu, picks one of his five favorites, and pairs it all with an Arnold Palmer. Bruce has made an art out of mixing his work with a very active social life, which centers around golf and tennis and the countless friends he has made at the Key Club and in numerous transactions over 40 years.

Testimony to the close relationships Bruce has built are the numerous times he has represented two and even three generations within a family. That only comes from consistently and diligently serving a particular place year after year. While some Realtors follow the money and find business in South Sarasota and Palmer Ranch and Siesta Key, Bruce Myer has always stayed focused on Downtown Sarasota, Bird Key, Lido Key and Longboat Key.

The art of work and play

Bruce has architected the perfect life for both himself and his clients. He can seamlessly blend work and play and the very best activities in the region with his business and never misses a beat. And talk about his love of golf and tennis. These are not passing interests for Bruce. Bruce humbly started his work career on Longboat Key sweeping the courts at the Key Club before he ever got involved in real estate decades ago.  He has played tennis in leagues, doubles and singles and tournaments. As a matter of fact at the age of 35, Bruce was ranked number 9 in Florida USTA rankings.

And then there is golf. Bruce is a serious golfer who knows how to have a lot of fun and can be found with friends in the golf cart on sunny afternoons. When Bruce isn't working or golfing or playing tennis, he is with his long-time girlfriend, Alice, who works in the area as an interior designer. The main traveling Bruce does — the only thing that really takes him away from the region — are trips with his three grown boys where they pick a fun location and create memories. In years past, they hiked on glaciers in Alaska, traveled through Sweden, hiked Colorado, and even took a Mediterranean cruise.

And while Bruce likes to take his boys on adventurous trips, he actually grew up in Indiana and since 9-years-old, his vacation adventures were visiting them in a special place, Longboat Key. In reality, Bruce’s focus his entire life has been on the same stretch of stunning waterfront. That is where his life and his career have all come together.

Life in focus

After all, to be great at something you must enjoy what you do and pursue it with focus and attention. Maybe that is what makes Bruce so successful. Because when you are with Bruce Myer — whether as a customer, a friend or as family — you get the full attention of someone who is exactly where he wants to be.

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Bruce Myer


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